Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD)

Functional breathing pattern disorders (BPD), one of the extremes of which is hyperventilation, disturb the biochemistry of the body, often leading to respiratory alkalosis. Breathing disorders are common, especially with women.

Research shows that BPDs can be responsible for causing, or helping to maintain, a vast range of symptoms including muscular pain (particularly involving the thorax and neck area), inefficient motor control, reduced core stability, tremors, fatigue, feelings of anxiety, sleep disturbances, dysphagia, epigastric pain, IBS, parasthesia, palpitations, dizziness, disturbed vision, and a variety of circulatory symptoms resulting from smooth muscle constriction. These relationships often go undetected if not recognized by trained clinicians.

BPDs are easily tested for and, with patient cooperation, are generally correctable via a combination of manual therapy and breathing rehabilitation strategies.

 We recommend Dr. Leon Chaitow’s book for more information on Breathing Pattern Disorders.