Connective Issues – Cha cha cha changes (Bowie)

Glaring omission in my last blog. I forgot to mention the fabulous song Oxytocin by Billie Eilish to provide the background music to the blog subject. Just when you think they don’t write songs like the old days a bunch of new artists pop up. Wolf Alice and Phoebe Bridger too.

This edition’s blog is about changes; some enforced, some voluntary.

Used to be, the first thing I’d do on receipt of my newest JBMT was to asterisk the myofascial trigger point articles reviewed by Jan Dommerholt and crew. There were a lot of asterisks. Last year the editors informed Jan that his reviews were no longer required. No explanation given. Now I see the entire Myofascial section has gone. Is it because the journal has become door stopper size? Does the myofascial pain world need its own journal, like the defunct Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain?

I got quite a shock when Mary B announced she was shutting down her Chicago Center for Myofascial Pain Relief. I asked Mary to outline future changes in direction and these are her answers.

As you know, I teach manual trigger point techniques for Myopain Seminars. I had a great assistant Joanne, who was to inherit the three courses. Her plan was to turn the three 3-day courses into two, so that after 6-days onsite you could be certified CMTPT. Then she disappeared. So, I’m back.

The certification board CBMTPT is cutting its ties with the Professional Testing Center. They

Ways of looking at the body; GHJ, Deltoid, foot on the bottom of the ladder.

Hope to see some of you in Montreal for FRC. I’m staying at the Best Weston Plus, Hotel Europa, just a block away from the Sheraton and quite a bit cheaper.

Cheerio for now,