Every now and then you get a client who seems to give more back to you than you give to them. The poem below is unsolicited.

The background of his case is that he was knocked off his bike by an MBTA bus. He landed on his left scapula and broke a few things. I first saw him about four months later after he was recommended by one of our favorite PTs, Sue Bloom, from Kennnedy Brothers PT. He was in a bad way. Surgeons and PTs were a bit baffled. By regularly co-treating with Sue for a period of six months or so our man is back to 100%. He rows, bikes and swims as well as ever. Along the road to recovery (and there were some tough times) he constantly kept me entertained with his wit, optimism, belief and original stories.

These are the kind of cases we love at 360NMT!


Hit by a bus

Wow did I cuss

Surgeon shares

Two shoulder cares

Ligaments of a dead body

Or therapy can be your toddy

Why not try 360NMT?

Now that’s my cup of tea

It can be painful

It’s better with each spoonful

Now I swing my arms

Like a cheerleader who charms

Thanks to Katie and Stew

I now feel quite anew!