i SAW 03.05 Good Planets are Hard to Find

At 360 NMT we do our best to be kind to the planet. We recycle. Our drinking water is double filtered well-water from the town of Holliston, re-supplied in a reusable container. Our landlady installed energy efficient overhead lighting. As each desk lamp bulb dies we replace them with LEDs. Our printer rejects anything but 100% recycled paper. Our battery driven accessories run on re-chargeables. On Earth Day (4/22) our staff received packets of flower seeds or vegetable seeds.

Dutch Keurig

Last Christmas, Katie and me were given an espresso machine as a present from our wonderful staff. We love coffee. Having done their research, they knew not to buy us a Keurig or Nespresso machine. In 1997, John Sylvan, the inventor of the Keurig system sold before his machine went mainstream. Seventeen years later, thirteen billion (13,000,000,000) unrecyclable K-cups have ended up in landfills. He says “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it”. There is a hilarious YouTube video called Kill the K-cup that came out in January.  Do watch this. Sylvan now sells solar panels, maybe to offset the hurt to the planet. The article also explains the origin of the name Keurig.

Let us Spray, For the Planet

We recently had an excellent in-service from Erika Bourne, CMTPT. She demonstrated the spray and stretch trigger point deactivation techniques using the Gebauer company’s “Instant Ice’ spray. Tissue is put in a stretch position and spray is directed from the trigger point location towards its referred pain zone, followed by more stretch and moist heat. The results are great, but this spray emits a lot of greenhouse gases; ice on a stick can work almost as well.

Planting Trees

I’ve traveled around the world, both to teach and to further my education – from Boston to Vancouver, from Amsterdam to New Zealand, and recently to Dubai, but mostly to US cities. Every time I fly I look to plant a tree when I return. I’m converting my Massachusetts half acre from an artificial, man-made lawn to critter friendly, three-dimensional herbage. This spring I will also plant Milkweed and Bee Balm to help the disappearing butterflies and bees.

Flying Costs

On a recent teaching trip to Dubai, I swam in the ocean in the morning and snow skied in the afternoon.  I had previously been sent the post from the website treehugger.com addressing the environmental impact of a ski field in the desert. Pablo Paster, the treehugger blogger couldn’t resist having a ski at Ski Dubai. Like treehugger I’m okay with my own indulgence (with some contrition). On the flight home I thought I’d check for the recycle stamp on the 10+ plastic bits on the food tray. Not one, and that is not okay. I have to plant a lot of trees this year.