iSAW 02.01 360 NMT and Myopain Seminars

Myopain Seminars is the brainchild of Dr. Jan Dommerholt and Robert Gerwin, MD. of Bethesda, Maryland. It may be considered the premier post-graduate myofascial trigger point continuing education company in the country. The focus is on treating myofascial pain; pain derived from active trigger points. Seminar choices include manual trigger point therapy, trigger point dry-needling, fascial manipulation, and canine trigger point management (doggies need our work too). This combined seminar series is named in honor of Janet G. Travell, MD (1901-1997), a pioneer and guiding light in the study of myofascial trigger points. NMT is proud to host, develop and teach the manual therapy courses.

MTT: What it was

The original Manual trigger point therapy (MTT) covered 170 muscles in eleven days. Theory included the latest on trigger point science. Do you know that an active trigger point is bigger than a latent one? Pain science theory included a deep understanding of the mind-body nature of pain, both acute and chronic. Do you know that chronic pain is not prolonged acute pain? Many chronic conditions have trigger point contributions. What trigger points would you treat for tinnitus, interstitial cystitis, plantar fasciitis, a dry cough, and coccygeal pain?

MTT: What it will be

Technology has enabled progress in saving you time and money.

The revamped version of MTT will still cover the same 170 muscles, but in a new format of three 3-day workshops. These workshops are now 90% practical. There will be a practical test-out at the end of each. Most of the theory is posted online, to be available once you register. You can learn this material at your place, at your pace. Plus, you can choose to sit the theory exam when you’re ready. The CMTPT certification (pictured) is to be cherished, and is endorsed by NAMTPT.

Come study with us?

Myopain Seminars has melded the work of the clinicians and myofascial pioneers Drs. Travell and Simons (USA), Dr. Vladimir Janda and Dr. Karol Lewit (Czech Republic), Dr. Leon Chaitow (Greece), and Dr. Siegfried Mense (Germany) to form the most comprehensive and effective treatment protocols for myofascial pain. Okay, enough name-dropping. Come study with us to help benefit America’s 100 million adult pain sufferers. No shortage of new clients. (Pain doesn’t go away in economic downturns either.) The new 2014 MTT format begins on Jan 24th in New Jersey, and Needham, 360 NMT at the end of February.