Manual Trigger Point Therapy (MTT)



Manual Trigger Point Therapy is a ten-year-old three-part seminar series developed and taught by Stewart Wild CNMT, CMTPT, in many countries throughout the world.

The parent company that Stewart teaches for is called Myopain Seminars, and is based in Bethesda, MD. The company is owned by the prolific author, teacher and gifted clinician Dr. Jan Dommeholt. Jan is both a mentor and a friend.

Please note that the course is temporarily on hiatus due to the pandemic, and will resume at some point next year. Check back for more information on when registration reopens.

The Seminar at a Glance

100 Hour Program

Three 3-Day Courses (9 Days Total)

The course is made up of three parts, each three days long. 170 muscles are covered. There are 72 total hours of practical education and theory in MTT-1, MTT-2, and MTT-3. This is accompanied by 28 hours of theory study at home.

Three-day courses priced at $595 (bundle of three for $1500 if paid in advance.) 10% discounts for IMS or NAMTPT membership, 20% discounts for students reviewing within a 2-year period.

CMTPT Certification

MTT-1, Mtt-2, and MTT-3

Completion of both MTT-1 and MTT-2 is required before registering for MTT-3. MTT-1 and MTT-2 can be taken in any order.

Certification is after successful completion of MTT-3, allowing professional membership of NAMTPT.


Early Registration encouraged

A welcome letter will be sent on registration, and the coursebook will be sent in PDF format. This allows prior study so that minimal time needs to be spent going over the muscle anatomy during the workshop. Research reading, quizzes, and the muscle list will also be released early.



Day one of each workshop starts with a 60-minute lecture on palpation and deactivation of MTrPs and an introduction to the Janda approach.

Online Resources

Access to password-protected student section of online resources: Trigger Point Theory and Pain Science Theory.

Course Texts

  • Myofascial Trigger Points’ – Dommerholt and Huijbregts
  • Manual Therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes’ – Fernández-de-las-Peñas and Dommerholt
  • ‘The Muscle Manual’ – Vizniak

Research Papers

Ten research papers to be read (revised annually). Four each for MTT-1 & 2, two for MTT-3

Practical Exam

Practical Demonstration

The instructor gives a practical demonstration, followed by a student trade and reverse trade; a format repeated throughout the day

170 Muscles Total

MTT-1 and MTT-2 each cover about 70 muscles. MTT-3 covers 30 muscles (170 total).

Mock Practical

There will be a mock practical in the last hour of the last day of MTT-1 and MTT-2 – with two muscles chosen at random.

Certification Process


Practice on randomly drawn muscles at the end of Day 3 of MTT-1 and MTT-2.

Completion of Quizzes

Completion of Quiz 1 and 2 after attendance of MTT-1 and MTT-2. Quiz 3 to be submitted during MTT-3. Each quiz to comprise twenty short answer questions.

Review Day

Theory and practical review day is on day 2 of MTT-3 and will cover:

  • Lectures, relevant passages from the required reading material, and research papers
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Revision of practical techniques, by request

Final Theory Test

Final theory test in the morning of day 3 of MTT-3:

  • 75 MCQs with a 150-minute time limit
  • 70% pass rate required

Final Practical Test

Final practical test on afternoon of Day 3 of MTT-3:

  • Four muscles chosen at random, to be completed within 18-20 minutes
  • 80% pass rate required


When all quizzes, theory tests, and practical tests are successfully completed, CMTPT certification is given, allowing professional membership of NAMTPT.

Teacher to Student Ratio


8 - 12 Students

Instructor only


13 - 24 Students

Instructor and one tableside assistant


25 - 36 Students

Instructor and two tableside assistants