Myopain Solutions is all about solving chronic pain problems of soft tissue origin. The list of conditions treated includes all dysfunction involving neuromuscular and connective tissue.

Specific regional conditions can include

Headache Migraine Neck pain Jaw pain Teeth pain
Ear ache Tinnitus Dizziness Shoulder pain Carpal tunnel
Tennis elbow Golfers elbow Upper back pain Chest pain Low back pain
Abdominal pain Hip pain Pelvic pain Quad dominance Hamstring strains
Knee pain Calf strain Achilles tendinosis Plantar fasciitis Foot pain
All muscle strains Muscle imbalances Post-op scar tissue Post-op pain Palsy

More systems-based conditions include

Myofascial pain Fibromyalgia Chronic regional pain
Breathing pattern disorders Post-traumatic stress Insomnia and anxiety
Unexplained pain Muscle imbalance Stress
Leg length inequality Postural distortion Exercise intolerance
Fatigue and malaise Core deconditioning Movement incoordination

All treatments consist of a combination of neuromuscular therapy, manual trigger point therapy, movement therapy and pain neuroscience education. Homecare activities are given to reinforce gains made during the treatment and to monitors improvements.

Treatments are tailor-made for the individual and are informed by the latest myofascial pain research.