Pain Retreat

On a grey New England weekend in November 2010 fourteen people gathered at the Osher Center (a branch of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital) in Chestnut Hill, Boston to begin their training of Manual Trigger-Point Therapy (MTT). They came from as far afield as Nevada, Maryland, Maine and New York. Some had been waiting for nearly a year. (See one of my previous blogs to see how much I admire persistence.)

This debut of MTT is the latest enactment of Myopain Seminars, a series of teaching seminars endorsed by the late, great Janet G. Travell MD. The original courses were developed by Dr Robert Gerwin MD and Dr Jan Dommerholt. Dr Gerwin, a neurologist, is a prolific author and current president of the International Myopain Society (IMS). Dr Dommerholt promotes the modality of Trigger Point dry-needling and has just penned the most current book on trigger point therapy appropriately titled ‘Myofascial Trigger Points’.

I have had the rare privilege of studying with these two gentlemen since 2007. In June 2009 I became the first (and currently only) Massage Therapist to pass their examination process and thereby attain Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist (CMTPT) status. By default, I was then asked to develop and instruct a massage-friendly trigger point course. I have used this opportunity to design a course sticking to traditional manual techniques, but embracing an academic level that will only appeal to very enthusiastic LMTs, PTs (those not legally able to use dry-needling) and other medical professionals.

The program has taken nearly a year to complete, but it has passed its first test. The fourteen attendees have given it the thumbs-up.

At 360NMT Boston we are now encouraging a body of dedicated students to turn up to regular study groups, practice with deliberate and deep intent, and pass the certification exam to graduate as great trigger point therapists. We will meet regularly to compare notes, synthesize and refine techniques and efficiently improve the way we treat people in pain. The 360NMT motto should become ‘Pain Retreat’.

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