Neuromuscular Therapy
(NMT) Pricing

All treatments consist of a combination of neuromuscular therapy, manual trigger point therapy, movement therapy and pain neuroscience education.

Homecare activities are given to reinforce gains made during the treatment and to monitors improvements.

Treatments are tailor-made for the individual and are informed by the latest myofascial pain research.

NMT Initial


75 Minutes


We encourage you to print and fill out the detailed confidential health history form before your consultation. 

The initial evaluation starts with targeted questioning and deep listening. This is followed by a physical examination for posture and movement.

From the information derived from the symptoms and signs, special tests, and clinical reasoning, a treatment strategy is formulated and agreed upon.

To download the health history form, click here.


Regular NMT Pricing

30 Minute

Regular NMT


60 Minute

Regular NMT


90 Minute

Regular NMT


120 Minute

Regular NMT


Reduced Pricing

Personal MDs,

Concierge Patients

There is no set price for Personal MDs and Concierge Patients.

Low-Income Pricing

Veterans and Students

$100 / hr

We offer reduced rates for low-income, veteran, and students.

Private Neuromuscular

Movement Training

$100 / hr

We offer private one-hour training sessions.

We won’t waste your

money or your time.


If you haven’t noticed changes within 3-4 treatments, depending on the chronicity, we will re-evaluate and make other suggestions.


Most times this fully-rounded approach to the soft tissue of the body helps get people back on their feet, and return to an active, productive and pain-free life.