About Myopain Solutions

Promoting a healthy, active, productive and pain-free life.

Stewart A. Wild


Stewart is the founder of Myopain Solutions, based in Dedham, Massachusetts. The neuromuscular therapy approach used at Myopain Solutions addresses all aspects of muscular dysfunction; trauma, overload, overuse, imbalance, asymmetry and myofascial trigger points. Trigger points are tiny, dense and irritable spots found within muscle tissue that commonly contribute to pain conditions. Manual techniques are designed to remove trigger points, normalize tissue, improve fluid dynamics and reduce or banish pain. To complement this manual therapy Stewart incorporates postural and movement rehabilitation, optimization of neurophysiology, pain science education and the identification, modification or removal of perpetuating factors.

New Zealand born, Stewart has always worked in the health field, having a past life as a Hematology and Blood Bank laboratory technologist. In the eighties and nineties he was an avid age-group cyclist, runner, duathlete and triathlete, competing for NZ throughout the world. He has also survived two Ironmans and two Paris-Brest-Paris cycle races. He discovered the benefits of sports massage to enhance performance and rehabilitate injuries. Slowing down, he is still an avid skier, hiker, kayaker and environmentalist.

Stewart’s History & Approach

St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) was introduced to NZ in the mid-nineties. NMT is a manual therapy that solves chronic, often enigmatic pain of soft-tissue origin. After certifying in CNMT Stew spent six years teaching it, first in NZ (1998-2003), and later in the US he taught the ‘American version’ NMT for Judith DeLany of the NMT Center (2005-2009).

In 2009, Stew became the first massage therapist in the US to certify as a Manual Trigger Point Therapist (CMTPT) with the company Myopain Seminars. He was thrilled to be asked by the director Jan Dommerholt to develop and teach a 100-hour Manual Trigger Point Therapy (MTT) program for manual therapists. Stew has since taught these courses throughout the US, and also in Canada and the United Arab Emirates. 

Stewart currently serves as the vice-president of the examining body The Certification Board of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (CBMTPT). He is also a certified personal trainer with the NCCPT, and a member of the American Academy of Pain Science, the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists and the International Myopain Society.

Stew believes it is important to combine an ongoing clinical practice along with teaching for Myopain Seminars. He especially enjoys investigating those hard-to-solve cases from a soft tissue perspective. He is committed to helping patients rid themselves of pain and dysfunction. Ultimately, his method promotes a healthy, active, productive and pain-free life.

Certifications & Affiliations
  • First massage therapist in the US to certify as a CMTPT with Myopain Seminars
  • Creator and teacher of 100-hour Manual Trigger Point Therapy (MTT) program
  • VP of Certification Board of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (CBMTPT)
  • NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Academy of Pain Science
  • National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (NAMTPT)
  • International Myopain Society

    "The session with Stew went great. My S.I. joint / glute feels a lot better. My neck is some better. What I liked was that he zeroed in on some of the sources of my pain and compensating muscle tightness like the fact that my right hip is titled forward."

    – K.J.

    "I feel so thankful for my NMT appointment with you on Friday. It’s been an exciting 30 hours since the session. I am feeling so much relief from the pain and stiffness. I know the work you did on my leg is helping to heal, helping to bring my leg back to mobility and ease. It’s such a relief. I’m smiling again and feeling more like myself."

    – M.C.

    "I’m including my daughter in this email. I was telling her yesterday how great I’ve been feeling ever since my appointment with you. My back and neck still feel wonderful; I told her I haven’t felt this good in years."

    – M.K.

    "Thanks, Stew! I feel absolutely fine, and very much appreciate your many pieces of wise advice."

    – T.P.

    "I had a fabulous appointment with Stew Wild yesterday. I was really impressed with his ability to locate the problem areas of my back that lead to my headaches."

    – K.M.

    "YOU GOT AN A."

    – K.R.

    "Thank you for the information Stewart. The exercising are going well and I’m feeling great"

    – Y.T.

    "You have been the most gifted therapist I have ever had."

    – Y.C.

    "G’day Stewart, thanks for your help yesterday. Noticeable improvement."

    – M.R.