Going through some at-least-TEN-year-old notes I came across this list entitled ‘THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR REDUCING STRESS’.

I would love to give acknowledgement to the original author of this list but they preferred a lack of atTENtion. I have applied slight modifications, but resisted the challenge of reversing all loathsome commandments that contain a lot of ‘nots’. I hate ‘nots’.


  1. Thou shall not be perfect – nor even try to be
  2. Thou shalt not try to be all things to all people
  3. Thou shalt leave things undone that ought to be done
  4. Thou shalt not spread thyself too thin
  5. Thou shalt learn to say no
  6. Thou shalt schedule time for thyself, and thy supportive network
  7. Thou shalt switch off, and do nothing, regularly
  8. Thou shalt be boring, untidy, inelegant and unattractive at randomly selected times
  9. Thou shalt not even feel the least bit guilty
  10. Thou shalt most especially, not be thy own worst enemy, but be thine own best friend

Short and sweet to avoid further TENsion.