The session with Stew went great. My s.i. Joint/ glute feels a lot better. My neck is some better. What I liked was that he zeroed in on some of the sources of my pain and compensating muscle tightness like the fact that my right hip is titled forward. – KJ 2015

I feel so thankful for my NMT appointment with you on Friday.  It’s been an exciting 30 hours since the session.  I am feeling so much relief from the pain and stiffness.  I know the work you did on my leg is helping to heal, helping to bring my leg back to mobility and ease.  It’s such a relief.  I’m smiling again and feeling more like myself. – MC 2015

I’m including my daughter, xx, in this email.  I was telling her yesterday how great I’ve been feeling ever since my appointment with you.  My back and neck still feel wonderful; I told her I haven’t felt this good in years. – MK

Thanks, Stew! I feel absolutely fine, and very much appreciate your many pieces of wise advice. Best, – TP 2015

I had a fabulous appointment with Stew Wild yesterday.  I was really impressed with his ability to locate the problem areas of my back that lead to my headaches. – KM 2015

YOU GOT AN A. –  KR 2015

Thank you for the information Stewart.  The exercising are going well and I’m feeling great, – YT 2015

You have been the most gifted therapist I have ever had  – YC 2015

G’day Stewart, thanks for your help yesterday. Noticeable improvement. – MR 2015